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Research at the Temmy Latner Centre aims to lessen the suffering and difficulties of living and dying with a life-threatening illness. This work seeks to understand and improve the experience and delivery of palliative care, especially care given at home and care and grief of children. Some specific questions we are answering:

  • What are the best ways of studying palliative care in the home?
  • What worsens and what lessens suffering in terminal illness?
  • How can we make it easier for professionals and families to provide the best care?
  • How do we know when we are succeeding or failing when we make changes?
  • How do we support family doctors in continuing to care for homebound and palliative patients?
  • How do we develop the skills of professionals to care for children with terminal illness?
  • How do we communicate effectively with patients, families and among health care providers?
  • How do we best support grieving children?

For more information about our research programs, please email our Research Team.

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