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Below are comments from residents who participated in a postgraduate elective with us.

"I enjoyed working with the inpatient team, meeting to discuss patients and learning the palliative care approach specific to each patient. There was lots of teaching (preceptors, rounds, classes) which was very interesting. As a first experience in palliative medicine, I truly learned a lot."  


"Very organized. Great teaching material."


"Excellent afternoon teaching on Tuesdays; a variety of topics that were very relevant."


"Good intro to in-hospital and home-based care. Organized curriculum with good teaching points." 

"I really liked having the experience both with the inpatient and home care settings."


"For the most part, I did have autonomy to make patient care decisions independently but still had support from staff if it was needed. Staff were very helpful."

"I appreciated the patient-centred approach."    


"There were lots of complex cases and a variety of teaching styles. Very well organized." 


"I learned from four preceptors that had different styles to assess and manage patients and family."


"I love to be able to see patients on my own while the staff was observing and then get feedback on the way the consultation went." 


"Tuesday teaching had great topics and all preceptors were incredible teachers." 

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