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Our work in person-centered care can be conceptualized according to different spheres of the socio-ecological model of health, including the individual, interpersonal, organizational and system levels. There are ten core components of our varied research that fall under our vision to achieve person-centred care within the context of seamless care. 

At the individual level, we strive to:

(1) systematically assess the needs and preferences of patients and caregivers with diverse clinical conditions and in varied palliative care settings

(2) examine the supports that health-care providers need to meet these needs effectively. 

At the interpersonal level, our work aims to:

(3) improve physicians’ skills in goals-of-care conversations

(4) implement effective strategies to build capacity for goals-of-care conversations across the system. 

At the organizational and team level, our work strives to:

(5) investigate the conditions under which individuals identify and behave as part of a team

(6) implement tools that enable collaborative care

(7) measure the impact of this more resource-intensive, team-based care. 

At the system level, our research endeavours to:

(8) assess ways to build capacity through enhancing the way in which physician learners are trained and evaluated

(9) study the delivery, quality, health equity and costs of palliative care in inpatient, outpatient and home-based settings

(10) improve the quality and processes of care, translate it into practice and standardize the care that people experience.  

To become a continually improving organization, patient and caregiver experience needs to be systematically measured over time. Throughout these activities, we are intentional to drive meaningful change in ourselves, others and the system.

For more information about our research programs, please email our Research Team.

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