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Research and education

The Temmy Latner Center is a leading academic health centre affiliated with the University of Toronto. As an academic centre, we actively participate in educating current and future physicians about palliative and end-of-life care. We also do research to lessen the suffering and difficulties of living and dying with a life-threatening illness. Patients and caregivers play a significant role in helping us with this work.

Your role in research

You may be asked to participate in a research study designed to improve care. If you agree to participate, you can be assured your privacy will be respected. You can choose not to participate. Doing so will not affect the quality of care you receive. You will always receive the highest quality of care available from our palliative care team, regardless of your choice.

Any research project in which the Temmy Latner Centre and the Max and Beatrice Wolfe Children's Centre participate must pass an ethics review at Mount Sinai Hospital or the University of Toronto. An ethics review ensures that the rights and well-being of people in research studies are protected. All research involving patients of Mount Sinai Hospital first requires approval of the Hospital's Research Ethics Board. This board has similar responsibility for investigators from other institutions who may wish to carry out research on Mount Sinai Hospital premises or with Mount Sinai Hospital patients.

If you have any questions about research protocols, please talk to your palliative care doctor.

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Your role in education

We provide students from all levels and practising health-care professionals with many opportunities for learning about palliative care. Under the guidance of our doctors, students may contribute to your care. They may come to visit you at home or your bedside at the hospital along with your palliative care doctor. Students who are further along in their education, such as residents or fellows, may come to your home by themselves. They also share on-call duties with the other doctors and may speak with you on the phone.

If you have any questions about a medical student or resident, please talk to your palliative care doctor.

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