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Dr. Jennifer Arvanitis

dr. jennifer arvanitis

Role at the Centre

Home-care doctor

Year started at the Centre


What attracted Dr. Jennifer Arvanitis to this branch of medicine?

“I was working in family practice and I attended a conference on palliative care,” she says. "Larry (Dr. Larry Librach) was speaking, and I was impressed with his passion. In fact, everybody seemed to be so passionate about palliative care.”

Inspired by Larry’s passion, she decided to take a six-month training course in palliative medicine, which was funded by a study grant from the College of Family Physicians. She joined the Temmy Latner Centre on a part-time basis on January 2001, and became full-time at the Centre in 2002.

The switch of focus to palliative medicine has been all she could have hoped. “This is important, challenging work,” she says, “work that drives me to be the best physician I can be, because these patients need that the most.”

Has doing the work she does changed her in any way?

“It’s helped me to achieve a better work-life balance,” she says.

How so?

“It opens your eyes,” she says. “There are other things in life than work. Things like my children and my family life.”

She looks thoughtful. “It’s also brought out the compassion in me,” she says. And adds, finally, with a smile “and made me more patient.”


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