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Dr. Narges Hashemi

dr. narges khoshnood

Role at the Centre

Home-care doctor

Year started at the Centre



Providing personalized care is the hallmark of Dr. Narges Hashemi’s approach with her patients and their families. By tuning in to the unique challenges, needs and circumstances of each patient and family, she is able to individualize the care plan for managing their physical symptoms and helping to improve their emotional well-being.

“I try to help my patients and their families find meaning in their unique situation and their individuality throughout their end-of-life journey. I respect their personal views and beliefs and their own unique difficulties and challenges.”

Dr. Hashemi greatly appreciates the generosity that her patients and their families show by welcoming her into their homes and sharing their stories. “I’m in awe of how generous they are in opening up and trusting me during such a vulnerable time in their lives.”

Her appreciation extends to the many ways in which her patients and their families help her to help them during this intimate time. An important part of her work with families is to provide them with information on their various options and then help them make choices based on their unique combination of culture, beliefs, needs and challenges.

“By exchanging information with my patients and their family members, I can help them make informed decisions about how they want their end-of-life care to be managed. There is no right or wrong. I respect whatever choices they make and then I advocate for them to help ensure that their decisions will be honoured.”

Offering palliative care in her patients’ homes aligns with her vision of bringing end-of-life care back into the community. “It doesn’t have to be behind closed doors in a hospital. People should have a choice to have their friends and family around them — including children if they choose — who may want to share those final moments.”

Dr. Hashemi considers continuity of care to be an essential part of what she offers her patients and their families. “I believe it makes a huge difference to have one physician with them throughout the end-of-life process, and for families to have one steady support person to help them deal with their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual suffering.” 


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