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What is the Temmy Latner Centre?

Who we are

We are a department within Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital that is dedicated to providing palliative care. We provide quality end-of-life care to those who are dying from a life-threatening illness and make support available to their families.

We are one of a few physician groups who provide patients with end-of-life care in patients' homes. Through our Home-Care Program, a doctor is available to our patients 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

We also provide care in the hospital through our In-Hospital Care Program. If you are a patient at Mount Sinai Hospital and are returning home after being seen by one of our in-hospital care doctors, our home-care doctors will continue to provide palliative care for you, if you live within our service area.

Our palliative care professionals work with your existing care team to provide the best possible end-of-life care.

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Our vision, purpose and core values

Through a recent strategic planning process, our staff articulated a refreshed vision, purpose and core values for the Centre.


Patients will experience a seamless system of caring.

Core purpose

We comfort, counsel, explore and teach to make dying understood as an integral part of living.

Core values

Humanity: The dying and grieving deserve passionate palliative care that serves their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Collaboration: Compassionate palliative care requires the efforts of many, including the patient and family.

Innovation: We promote continual learning and teaching to improve others and ourselves in creative and responsible ways.

Communication: We are committed to communicating openly, honestly and respectfully with our patients, their families, our colleagues and each other.

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Leadership staff

Dr. Russell Goldman

Centre Director

Acting Leader, Bridgepoint Palliative Care Unit

Acting Leader, Research

Dr. Marnie Howe

Leader, Home-Care Program

Bhadra Lokuge

Research Manager/Project Specialist

Dr. Ramona Mahtani

Associate Director

Leader, In-Hospital Care Program

Dr. Jeff Myers

Leader, Academic Development and Innovation

Natalie Parry

Senior Manager, Quality Improvement and Strategic Initiatives

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