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In an ideal world, the quality and delivery of health care would have nothing to do with geography. It wouldn't matter where you live; you would be able to get the same services, and the same quality of service. Sadly, we don't live in an ideal world. The reality is that availability of palliative care services in Ontario is patchy at best. And what applies in Ontario is also true of Canada in general, and the world at-large.

How do we get from this current reality, to an Ontario where palliative care services are available to everyone, no matter where they live? And consider, we're talking about the real world, where resources are limited. Even if the money were available, it would take a long time to train enough palliative care physicians to cover the whole of Ontario — currently not even the whole Greater Toronto Area is adequately covered.

The pragmatic solution is to take the skills and knowledge resident in our few centres of excellence, such as the Temmy Latner Centre, and disseminate them on two fronts: to the existing medical fraternity — surgeons, family doctors, oncologists, pediatricians, etc. — and to the cohorts of medical students passing through Canadian universities.

This is the vision that has inspired the Centre's education initiatives since its inception.

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